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We develop high qualitymobile games.

We develop high quality mobile games that have unique art styles & good mechanics!

We are a mobile game studio.
We build our dreams with a professional and enthusiastic team.

We reach game lovers from all over the world from our studio, which was established in the heart of Istanbul in 2014. Our biggest passion is to always take our dreams one step ahead and to be a pioneer studio.

About Us

Our dreams are our greatest passion! Join our team!

Unique art styles and good mechanics!
Cleopatra Run

She is the queen of all time and now she is back! Collect all Egyptian symbols and help Cleopatra to be queen again!

Hold'n Duel

Welcome to the life of real rich people! Collect all the money on the road and be a true millionaire!

Clone Rush

This mad scientist tries to create the most different creatures in the world! Such as; humans with wings, fish with alien heads, and many more!

Rain Of Money

It's raining money and money in here! Be quick and collect as much as you can!

Swift Arrows

He is sly! He is quick! He is the master of all elements! Create the perfect arrow and let the master do his job!

Evolution Runner

It is not about living, it is about to adopt! Feed yourself and evolve to turn the next page of evolution!

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Trifles Games is a mobile gaming studio founded in 2014. As a team we have a passionate joy for mobile games which we desire to share it with everyone!

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